Construction Progress

The new children’s hospital is taking shape. Over 90% of all concrete has been placed and the concrete frame is now complete. In March 2021, a key milestone was reached as the last section of the 7th storey was poured with concrete. The new children’s hospital project has achieved many phenomenal feats of construction and engineering. The following is just a taste of our 2020/21 construction achievements which are unparalleled in the Irish Construction Industry. The Main building concrete frame has now reached its heights level. Concluding the pouring of approximately 150,000 m3 of concrete in 3 years. That is enough to fill 60 Olympic swimming pools.

Approximately 1,500 Tonnes of steel structure was fabricated and erected that is heavier than five 747 jets. 

Over 600 windows were installed. In addition to approximately 4,000m2 of toggle glazing and 3,500 m2 of Stone cladding. That is enough area to cover a soccer pitch.

More than 86,000 m2 of partitions were installed.  That is approximately the same area as St Stephen’s Green.

All of the above was achieved through greater than 4.5 million-man hours of work encompassing talented and dedicated personnel from Ireland and Europe.