Delivering Ireland's New Children's Hospital

BAM Community Benefit Fund for the new children’s hospital

BAM Building have established a dedicated Community Benefit Fund for the new children’s hospital.   The fund is an entirely voluntary corporate social responsibility contribution made in BAM’s tender for the construction of the new children’s hospital and is additional to the requirements of the Community Benefit Clause contained in the contract.  The strategic direction of the Fund has been developed in tandem with the Community Benefit Oversight Group for the new children’s hospital which is comprised of statutory, local development and community representatives and who were responsible for the establishment of the Community Benefit Programme.

The  €500,000 fund will be directed towards a number of thematic actions including:

  1. Community Grants Scheme
  2. Educational Bursaries for third level and further education studies in construction and healthcare
  3. Apprenticeship Support initiative
  4. Cultural, Arts and Sports Programme
  5. Supporting actions related to the Community Benefit Programme for the new children’s hospital

BAM’s fund commitment will cover the years 2020, 2021 and 2022.  The amounts for each area are as follows, €150,000 is reserved for the Community Grants Scheme (3 years at €50,000 per annum).  The educational bursaries will amount to up to €96,000 supporting approximately 9 undergraduate and 12 post-leaving certificate students at €2,000 each per annum.   €96,000 is reserved for the development of an apprenticeship support scheme.   €62,000 is committed to the development of an arts, sports and culture programme.   €75,000 will go towards supporting actions under the Community Benefit Programme for the new children’s hospital while €7,000 per annum has been set aside for contingencies and administration.

Applications for this year are now open for the Education Bursaries and the Community Grants Scheme.

Closing date is 31/3/2020. Information and application forms can be downloaded here:

Community Benefit Education bursaries for the new children’s hospital Info Application Form

BAM’s Community Benefit Grant Info Application Form