Delivering Ireland's New Children's Hospital

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Dear Resident,

• Out-of-hours works this week.

There will be out-of-hours on-site activities to facilitate concrete pours, power-floating and low noise
level works on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of this week (October 7th, 9th & 11th) from 19.00hrs
– 00.00hrs, these derogation hours have been agreed with Dublin City Council. Concrete trucks will
access the site via Brookfield Rd site entrance (Gate 3) and St. James’s (new) north road.  
Test period:

Following a review of week-2, the agreed 5-week test period will continue this week in
relation to construction work on the site of the new children’s hospital taking place beyond normal
working hours and will operate on the derogation days this week of Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
It is intended these works will not cause an unacceptable level of nuisance to residents and St. James’s
Hospital, this has been agreed with Dublin City Council. The parameters of the trial period are as

• BAM to defer start times for granted derogations to ensure works do not start and deliveries
do not occur before 7am (this includes no machinery starting or moving within the site
before 7am).

• On the above dates BAM will arrange for all deliveries of precast columns, twin walls, Bamtec and loose bar reinforcement to occur before 7pm each evening.

• The trial will take place on the Northside and Southside of the site.

• BAM to work on power floating on both derogation days until midnight and to work on “quiet” activities such as lifting in precast columns, twin walls, Bamtec & loose bar reinforcement, moving decking tables, removing surplus materials, emptying crane skips and portaloos, loading out M&E plant/equipment/materials, etc. using tower cranes also on both derogation days until midnight.

• On these dates BAM will ensure that no deliveries enter the site or lorries/vehicles leave the site between the hours of 7pm and 7am.

• BAM will ensure that staff and personnel are kept to minimum to safely execute the works while not gathering near neighbouring properties or causing nuisance.

• BAM will ensure that any work area lighting and tower crane lighting is directed downwards and inwards into the site so as not to cause light pollution outside the site boundary.

• During our works, site personnel will be reminded of the proximity to local residences and we will make every effort to minimise disruption as far as possible.

For general enquiries related to ongoing construction activities please continue to contact the 24/7 Residents Helpline on 01 5311110.