Delivering Ireland's New Children's Hospital

Pioneering Community Benefit Programme driving regeneration in the area surrounding the new children’s hospital

Almost 1,830 work weeks delivered by new entrants*, and 2,431.5 work weeks by local workers 10 apprenticeships created to date with more to come on stream this year €2.5 million spent to date by main contractor on local contracts and suppliers 3 contracts awarded to social enterprises More than 1,000 local children and young people […]

Delivering the right care in the right place

A network of care with a new children’s hospital at the epicentre will reach out through satellites and regional centres to deliver comprehensive paediatric care for Ireland’s children and young people.

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Bringing Our Best Together Under One Roof

There are numerous benefits to having one national children’s hospital where all complex care can be provided to serve the needs of children, young people and families.

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A world class addition to a Dublin 8 tradition of healthcare

St. James’s Campus developed the blending together of different traditions – in 1727 a foundling hospital was opened on the site, Jonathan Swift and Arthur Guinness were among those that served on the board of governors. That blend of tradition is continued today to the country’s largest academic teaching hospital.

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